When to Submit

An IBC protocol should be submitted to biosafety@richmond.edu for any project (research or course-based) involving biological materials (BSL2 or higher) and recombinant DNA. All investigators must complete an MUA form even if they think their work might be exempt. This will help ensure that all members of the U of R community will be prepared to answer questions should they be asked about their compliance in the case of an NIH audit.

Submission Deadline IBC Meeting
Friday, September 2 Friday, September 9
Friday, October 7 Friday, October 14
Friday, November 4 Friday, November 11
Friday, December 2 Friday, December 9
Friday, January 6 Friday, January 13
Friday, February 3 Friday, February 10
Friday, March 3 Friday, March 17
Friday, April 7 Friday, April 21